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Virtual Reality

We strongly believe that every therapy should have a whole new and personalized environment. What isn’t possible with the physical world, is now at grasp thanks to Virtual Reality !

Therapeutic Gaming

Many therapies are really demanding, and make you feel like you lost control over your own life. Through therapeutic gaming, all you have to do is to dive in the virtual world, and be the player of the game – and the only one actor of your therapy.

Tinnitus : our first step

Tinnitus can ruins one's life. To the date, no easy to access, non intrusive therapy is available. We are currently focusing our R&D on a new kind of therapy, mixing serious game and VR immersion to relief tinnitus - and make it disappear.

Meet the Team

Lilian Delaveau
CEO & Founder
Catherine Soladié
CEO & Founder
Renaud Séguier
CEO & Founder

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